The «Newcomers» program: Ernen welcomes the winners!

The motto of the 2018 Musikdorf Ernen’s festival, «On the move», is one that refers both to the individual concert program offer, and to the profile of the festival itself. Artistic Director Francesco Walter has said that the organizers strive to steadily «keep moving» so that guests will be able to enjoy something novel in the festival every year. That said, the music village will—for the first time this coming fall—welcome the winners of the Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Competition in concerts with varied repertoires. The prestigious «Orpheus» was founded in 1974 to support young, talented chamber music ensembles at the beginning of their professional careers. To date, close to 300 prize-winners have benefited from its support, and many have gone on to international acclaim.

So here’s the sneak preview: While the distinguished ensembles have been giving public performances in Adelboden since 2011 as part of its Swiss Chamber Music Festival, they will now be given a prominent platform here in Ernen, too. Visitors are warmly encouraged to attend the concerts, whose vibrant freshness and energy can be guaranteed.

On September 15, «Duobitatio» will perform a repertoire (violin, piano) that varies as much as from Manuel de Falla to George Crumb, from Johannes Brahms to Heinz Holliger. That concert begins in the Tellenhaus at 17.00h.

Later in the day, the «Trio Be One» and the «Triplet Trio» (three percussionists) also figure in the series. Beginning at 20.00h in Ernen’s multipurpose hall, their concert will include works by Bartok, Milhaud, Piazzolla, Xenakis, J.S. Bach, and two contemporary composers, Cangelosi and de Mey.

At 11.00h on September 16, and in the Tellenhaus, the «Gardan Quartett» (strings) will perform works by Grażyna Bacewicz, Thomas Demenga, and Dimitri Shostakovich. While also renowned as a fine cellist, composer Demenga is serving the festival as musical director of the «Newcomers» series.

On that same day, and starting in the Tellenhaus at 14.00h, the superb «Delta Piano Trio», first-prize winners at the Orpheus Swiss Chamber Music Festival 2017, will give a program of works by Frank Martin and Lera Auerbach, finishing with a riveting Beethoven piano trio.

To hear any one of the four ensembles will be a musical experience marked by insight, passion, and great temperament. To hear more of the four would be an extraordinary treat, for undoubtedly, these musicians are clearly «on the move».

Ernen, Wednesday, 15 August 2018 by Sarah Batschelet