Welcome to Ernen, the “Music Village”

«It takes a combination of nature and art and friendship.»

In 1974 the pianist György Sebök (1922-1999) found in Ernen the ideal place to engage with music. Over the following fifty years, his renowned master classes developed into a unique oasis of culture. The Festival Musikdorf Ernen is distinguished by the outstanding quality of its music making, the ambitious and imaginative programming, and its intimate and welcoming environment. Every summer, the mountain village of Ernen transforms itself into a cultural kaleidoscope: exciting concerts, master classes, innovative art, readings, and a writing workshop attract artists and audiences from all over the world. The Musikdorf becomes a meeting place. Between inspiration and relaxation. Innovation and originality. Food and drink. Sound and silence. Ernen is enriching - it is quality of life.

Between times

Sometimes it seems that music has the power to stop time. Sometimes to stretch it, sometimes to speed it up. And even though the mechanics of the clockwork adamantly tick on, the flow of time is an illusion. Time only exists when perceived as such by our consciousness.
While listening to music, we experience, think, and feel musical time. It starts breathing and becomes vital. Music is unthinkable without time. Rhythm, measure, tempo, and tones are temporally structured vibrations passing through the air. But where is music? It can be found somewhere within times of composition, performance, and reception. If the phenomenon of time gives possibility to music, it also prevents music from being held on to – a note has hardly sounded when it is already over. Music is between times.
We specify individual points in time exactly, as if intermediate instances on an infinite path. Between such points we find music: works, people, places, spaces, movements or epochs; and here, between times, we can also wander through our thoughts.
Music enables times of pleasure today. It creates an invisible, ephemeral space to enter while listening to music. We accompany you through musical times of the 49th concert season in the Festival Musikdorf Ernen.