Welcome to Ernen, the “Music Village”

«It takes a combination of nature and art and friendship.»

In 1974 the pianist György Sebök (1922-1999) found in Ernen the ideal place to engage with music. Over the following fifty years, his renowned master classes developed into a unique oasis of culture. The Festival Musikdorf Ernen is distinguished by the outstanding quality of its music making, the ambitious and imaginative programming, and its intimate and welcoming environment. Every summer, the mountain village of Ernen transforms itself into a cultural kaleidoscope: exciting concerts, master classes, innovative art, readings, and a writing workshop attract artists and audiences from all over the world. The Musikdorf becomes a meeting place. Between inspiration and relaxation. Innovation and originality. Food and drink. Sound and silence. Ernen is enriching - it is quality of life.

In Seventh Heaven

We experience euphoria and bliss. We feel a bubbling joy and an exuberant enthusiasm. We are intoxicated by heady spirits. We search for love, harmony in the world, and total contentment. The 48th season of the Festival Musikdorf Ernen is «In Seventh Heaven», the motto a metaphor for boundless good.

Since time immemorial we have striven for idyllic moments, places or states. We might experience just a short glimpse of paradise, or contemplate its eternity. Perhaps we find it alone with a loved one, or in communion with others. We might hope for it in the infinity of God, in the perfection of nature, or even find it within ourselves.

Music may express being in seventh heaven, or be the vehicle that takes us there. A composer might feel in seventh heaven, or have their way denied. They may construct their heaven as an escape from the suffering of the world — channeling their memories and experience, transporting us to a better place.

Join us, in the 48th concert season 2021, as we search for the path to seventh heaven. And in the process, perhaps the music village of Ernen could itself become a seventh heaven — a paradise in the eye of a stormy world.

Regarding the protection concept: The Festival Musikdorf Ernen complies with official regulations. At the moment, there is a general obligation to wear masks. For the protection of all concert guests, masks are mandatory and must be worn throughout the entire concert, and until leaving the building.

«Music is well said to be the speech of angels.»

Thomas Carlyle