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Extra Concert | Microludes

Chamber music plus weeks

György Kurtág: "Hommage à Mihály András. 12 Microludes for String Quartet" Op. 13
James Tenney: "Having never written a note for percussion" (1971)
Helena Winkelman: "AER" from the cycle "Aria, Ignis, Terra, Aqua" for flute (2013)
Anton Webern: Three Little Pieces Op. 11
Luciano Berio: "Sequenza VII" for oboe solo (1969)
Jörg Widmann: Fantasy for clarinet solo (1993)
Elliott Carter: "Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux II" for flute, clarinet and marimba (1995)

Duration approx. 60 minutes, no interval

Fascinating sounds!
At the core of the Extra Concert are György Kurtág's Microludes for String Quartet. Following Anton Webern, Kurtág wanted to achieve "such brevity that every moment is essential and important". Most of the expression and content should be formulated with the fewest notes".

The immensely dense twelve Microludes are not performed in one piece, however, but are repeatedly interrupted by other works of contemporary music: Imaginative works for solo winds, the minimalist sound piece Having never written a note for percussion by James Tenney, or chamber music by Anton Webern and Eliott Carter.

Bogdan Božović, violin | Núria Carbó, percussion | Alessandro D’Amico, viola | Francesco Dillon, violoncello | Chiara Enderle Samatanga, violoncello | Augustin Lipp, percussion | Jonas Morkūnas, clarinet | Samuel Niederhauser, violoncello | Tomasz Sierant, flute | Olivier Stankiewicz, oboe | Helena Winkelman, violin

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02. August 2023 20 o' clock Gymnasium Ernen Ernen