The Musikdorf Ernen Society

Not yet a member? Is a rich cultural landscape also important to you, dear future supporters?

The Musikdorf Ernen association is the organiser of the Festival Musikdorf Ernen. It consists of a five-member board. The festival is managed by the co-directors Jonathan Inniger and Francesco Walter.

Current board members:

  • Anton Clausen, president
  • Andrea Baumann
  • Francesco Walter
  • Dominique Weissen Abgottspon
  • Andreas Zurbriggen

The Music Village of Ernen wants to stay as it is: serving up musical gems in a charming, tranquil and intimate setting. Exchanges about music, literature, within wonderful nature and delightful local restaurants - in order to continue to offer this mix, we need your support!

Our members' association is the nurturing garden of the Ernen Musikdorf and forms the roots of the festival. Creating a solid financial basis through a well-established supporters' association is an important goal for us, as it gives us security and facilitates the annual financing - thus freeing up time and energy for artistic projects!

We want an association that lives and whose life bears fruit. That is why we are looking for new gardeners who will help to make classical music grow and blossom in the mountain village of Ernen! Because culture is a plant that must be nurtured.

The mission of the Musikdorf Ernen Society is to present high-quality cultural events. Anyone can become a member of the society to help and support its mission. Moreover, membership has the following advantages:

  • free double-CD with the highlights of the summer concerts in Ernen
  • a detailed programme of annual events
  • advance booking priority
  • festival subscription at a special price
  • free entrance to the concert following the annual general meeting

The minimum membership fee is CHF 100.- (Swiss francs).

Would you like to become a member? Get in touch directly via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

Membership application via contact form

Statutes of the Ernen Musikdorf Society

The Board members of the Society

  • Anton Clausen, President
  • Andrea Baumann, Vicepresident
  • Francesco Walter
  • Dominique Weissen-Abgottspon
  • Andreas Zurbriggen

The executive co-directors

  • Jonathan Inniger
  • Francesco Walter