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Fire and Flames | The 51st concert season 2024

Musikdorf Ernen is on fire! Another forest fire in Upper Valais? Thankfully no. The Musikdorf is only metaphorically on fire! After its big jubilee year in 2023, the Musikdorf Ernen festival shows that its feu sacré - the passion for music - is burning stronger than ever after fifty years.

Musically, the festival programme explores the most diverse associations with the festival motto: From glowing love or human warmth around a cosy crackling open fire to purgatory a...

Pearls of Chamber Music

Chamber Music Compact
28–30 June 2024
Seven concerts in three days

When violinist Jonian Ilias Kadesha performs with cellist Vashti Hunter - his wife - and British pianist Nicholas Rimmer as Trio Gaspard, he casts a spell over the audience even be...

"For me, most important is the audience"

6–12 July 2024
Fiery dance across 88 keys

Even as a young boy, he loved music. Especially folk music and singing. Giorgi Gigashvili (born 2000) started playing the piano when he was four years old. His mother, a pianist, a...

When sparks fly

14-25 July 2024
Affects, fire and furore

The fact that the public loves the Ernen Baroque Weeks is partly due to the programme, which excels every year with its variety, and partly due to the "Aernen Barock" ensemble! This ...

Fingerbreaker from St. Louis

6, 20, 21 and 29 July 2024
Stephanie Trick, Charl du Plessis and Rachel Harnisch

A holiday trip changed her life: In the hotel where Stephanie Trick and her family were staying, a pianist was playing background music in the lobby. It sounded so different from a...

Queerlesen at the Musikdorf

27 und 28 July 2024
Three literature readings with Angela Steidele, Lion Christ and Stephan Lohse, presented by Bettina Böttinger (in German)

The readings will be held in German, that's why the following article exists only in German.

Nicht nur die Autorinnen und Autoren, die beim «Queerlesen» auftreten, sind promine...

Trout, Phoenix, Shadowy Fish

Chamber Music Plus
28 July – 10 August 2024
Burning intensity and passionate joy

Bet that a First of August bonfire will be lit in Ernen, even if the weather conditions don't allow a bonfire to be lit outside. On the morning of the National Day, there will be a ...

With Love, Enthusiasm and Humour

Piano Compact
22–25 August 2024
6 recitals in four days

In the past, Sir András Schiff has repeatedly commented on the streamlined, standardised sound of the instruments that can be found in concert halls all over the world. Certainly,...

Searching for deep understanding

6–8 September 2024
Curious, playful and prudent at the same time

Many musicians would prefer to erase the coronavirus pandemic from their memories - a time when concert halls remained empty and more than a few saw their very existence jeopardise...

Christian Mason

Composer in Residence 2023/24

Translation coming soon...

Ein kalter Morgen im November 2023. Christian Mason ist gerade aus London, wo er mit seiner Familie lebt, angekommen in Ernen. «Nice to meet you», s...