Fire and Flames | The 51st concert season 2024

Musikdorf Ernen is on fire! Another forest fire in Upper Valais? Thankfully no. The Musikdorf is only metaphorically on fire! After its big jubilee year in 2023, the Musikdorf Ernen festival shows that its feu sacré - the passion for music - is burning stronger than ever after fifty years.

Musically, the festival programme explores the most diverse associations with the festival motto: From glowing love or human warmth around a cosy crackling open fire to purgatory and the inferno of hell; from the quantum leap of civilisation when Prometheus (according to the myth) illicitly brought fire to mankind to roaring parties with grandiose fireworks; from the comforts of a heater and a warm meal to (in)human self-destruction through war and global warming.

One thing is certain: the festival will not be running on a low flame, on the contrary: in the 51st concert season, the Musikdorf Ernen is on fire, and the sparks of enthusiasm will fly from the stage to the audience!

Does the festival motto "Fire and Flames" also heat up your heart? It runs through the Ernen summer of music like a glowing fuse. There are works that are played "con fuoco", feverish movements, flaming vows of love and rhythms that set sparks flying. The musicians will also tell of spiritual fires that burn invisibly, quietly and devouringly.

Where there is music, the sun rises. This can also be experienced off stage in Ernen. Once you step out of the concert church in Ernen with its brilliant altars and filled with rousing sounds, the spectacle is not over yet: when the glowing fireball dips the sky above the Musikdorf Ernen in fiery sunset and then disappears behind the mountain peaks, it is breathtaking.

Humanity owes civilisation to the fire that, according to legend, Prometheus brought to earth. Without fire, there would be no life, no light, no warmth. Things get fiery there too: it sparks, flickers and burns when passionate love, enthusiasm and divine presence are expressed in music, literature or life. Moses tells of his encounter with God, who speaks to him from a burning bush. An angel appears to him in a flame. And at Pentecost, as described in the New Testament, God comes to his disciples in the Holy Spirit and becomes visible in the form of tongues of fire above their heads. What a mystery!

Dear audience, let the energy in the Musikdorf ignite and inspire you: Everyone here is on fire for their passion - making music.

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