Festival radio program – Series for the 51st concert season | Concert introduction podcast

In the coming weeks and months, the programmes for the 51st concert season will be published here.

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Trio Gaspard – Chamber Music Compact

The Trio Gaspard will be playing 7 concerts at the Musikdorf Ernen this year - all within 3 days. The ensemble will draw on the full range of the repertoire, from the founding father Joseph Haydn to the great romantic trios and contemporary works. Chamber Music Compact, 28–30 June | Broadcast of 14 June

Piano Recital Schaghajegh Nosrati (10 July)

Charles-Valentin Alkan had the idea of setting four ages of a person (20s, 30s, 40s and 50s) to music in a ‘Grande Sonata’. The result is one of the most remarkable and challenging pieces of piano literature. In this programme, Jonathan Inniger talks to the German pianist Schaghajegh Nosrati, who will play the monumental work on 10 July in the Musikdorf Ernen. Piano Week from 6-12 July | Broadcast of 5 July

Baroque Concert 1 (14 July) | «Feu d'artifice»

Make big from small! The opening work of the Baroque Weeks 2024 is a large Overture Suite by Georg Philipp Telemann, which started out very small: As part of his Kleine Cammer-Music from 1716. Baroque Concert 1 (14 July) | Broadcast of 28 June

Baroque Concert 2 (17 July) | «In furore»

Boldness does not always pay off! In his cantata ‘Tra le fiamme’, George Frideric Handel tells the story of Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and fell to his death as a result. The cantata from the summer of 1707 stands out with its beautiful melodies and playful sonorities. Baroque Concert 2 (17 July) | Broadcast of 12 July

Baroque Concert 3 (19 July) | «Jumping Sparks»

Pergolesi's Stabat Mater is one of the «Greatest Hits» of Baroque music. Johann Sebastian Bach was fascinated by the music and arranged it for his own performance set to a German text. Jonathan Inniger guides you through this remarkable cantata «Tilge Höchster, meine Sünden». Baroque Concert 3 (19 July) | Broadcast of 26 April

Baroque Concert 4 (23 July) | «London's Passions»

For his solo debut in the Musikdorf Ernen, German countertenor Benno Schachtner has selected a number of works that revolve around the theme of leaving and mourning. This programme presents some of the most beautiful farewell songs from the history of baroque music. Baroque Concert 4 (23 July) | Broadcast of 16 July

Baroque Concert 5 (25 July) | «Italian Summer»

Antonio Vivaldi wrote over 300 ‘concerti’ during his lifetime. Two of them are on the programme of the last baroque concert in the summer of 2024. This programme is all about the composer from the then highly cosmopolitan lagoon city. Baroque Concert 5 (25 July) | Broadcast of 23 July

Chamber Concert 1 (28 July) «Heart's Flame»

Of jealous ghosts - the story of a flamenco ballet. In the opening programme, Joseba Zbinden and Jonathan Inniger talk about Ernen and the festival radio project. Jonathan then tells a story from the opening concert of «Chamber Music Plus». The introduction for Chamber Concert 1 begins at around minute 9. Chamber Concert 1 (28 July) | Broadcast of 5 April

Chamber Concert 2 (30 July) | «Lebensstürme»

Fanny Hensel, née Mendelssohn (1805-1847) was already known for her impressive musical abilities during her lifetime. As a pianist, composer, conductor and concert organiser, she left her mark on Berlin's musical life. A conversation with the cellist, music teacher and psychologist Chiara Samatanga, who will play Fanny Hensel's «Capriccio» in Ernen. Chamber Concert 2 (30 July) | Broadcast of 10 May

Chamber Concert 3 (1 August) | «Swiss Fireworks»

The concert on 1 August focuses exclusively on works by Swiss composers. However, the programme shows how diverse Swiss music history has been over the last 100 years and how much it has been shaped by migration. The programme is a musical journey across Europe: from Moscow to Baku, Transylvania, Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Schaffhausen, Zurich, Bern, Vevey, Geneva, Paris and Le Havre! Chamber Concert 3 (1 August) | Broadcast of 7 June

Orchestra Concert 1 (2 August) | «Young Apollo»

Nikos Skalkottas did not have an easy life in many respects. This episode is about the Greek composer who, as a 17-year-old violin virtuoso, travelled to Berlin on a scholarship for further studies. Many things turned out differently than he had expected. Orchestra Concert 1 (2 August) | Broadcast of 30 July

Chamber Concert 4 (3 August) | Christian Mason

The extensive programme about this year's Composer in Residence and his new work Figures in a landscape (awaiting eternity), which will be premiered on 3 August. After the in-depth conversation with the composer, you'll find...
... at 22.20: Introduction to Shadowy Fish (Chamber Concert 5, Sunday, 4 August)
... at 32.35: Introduction to the Tuvan Songbook (Orchestra Concert 1, Friday, 2 August)
Chamber Concert 4 (3 August) | Broadcast of 19 April

Chamber Concert 5 (4 August) | «Hell's Kitchen»

Intriguing kitchen utensils dancing to jazzy music? This is not a delirium, but the dance theatre piece The Kitchen Revue by Jarmila Kröschlová! The music was composed by Bohuslav Martinů in the roaring 1920s in Paris. Our guest on the programme is bassoonist Valeria Curti, who will be taking part in the performance in Ernen. Chamber Concert 5 (4 August) | Bradcast of 12 April

NB: The podcast for Chamber Concert 4 also deals with Christian Mason's quintet Shadowy Fish, which will be performed in Chamber Concert 5 (there: from min. 22.20).

Chamber Concert 6 (5 August in Brig) | «Beacons»

Nadia Boulanger - the story of a true authority! This musician taught over 1000 students in 75 years. This woman was asked for advice by personalities such as Igor Stravinsky, Astor Piazzolla, Quincy Jones and Leonard Bernstein. Chamber Concert 6 (5 August in Brig) | Broadcast of 3 May

Chamber Concert 7 (7 August) | «Phoenix»

"As if Robert Schumann himself had been burnt." The story of the love triangle between a special musical couple and their mutual friend - or: How Clara Schumann destroyed a special musical manuscript. Chamber Concert 7 (7 August) | Broadcast of 17 May

Orchestra Concert 2 (9. August) | «Wildfire»

Johannes Brahms considered his creative work to be finished at the age of less than 60. He organised his possessions and prepared himself for his approaching death. But the spark of an encounter with another person suddenly inspired him to create some of his very best works. Orchestra Concert 2 (9 August in Ernen / 10 August in Martigny) | Broadcast of 6 August

Talk with Angela Steidele

Joseba Zbinden spoke to author Angela Steidele about her historic novel «Aufklärung» («Enlightenment»). Queerlesen, 27 and 28 July | Broadcast of 30 May

Talk with Stephan Lohse

Joseba Zbinden spoke to author Stephan Lohse about his debut novel «Das Summen unter der Haut». Queerlesen, 27 and 28 July | Broadcast of 24 May