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On this page you will find introduction clips and documentaries. Would you rather watch concert videos?

Trailer Festival Musikdorf Ernen 2024

Trailer Festival Musikdorf Ernen 2023

Trailer Festival Musikdorf Ernen 2022

Impressionen Festival 2016

The Making of the CD/DVD "BaroqueSwing Vol. 3"

Charl du Plessis Trio

Rehearsing «Kaiserwalzer» op. 437 by Johann Strauss jr.

Musikdorf Ernen | Highlights aus dem Schweizer Klassiksommer 2020 | SF1 Kultur

Tom Coult | Composer in Residence 2021/22

Composer in Residence 2020/21 | Thomas Larcher

Andreas Zurbriggen | Composer in Residence 2019

Ein Jugendtraum geht in Erfüllung

Alfred Zimmerlin | On The Move - In a Roundabout Way | Music for Electric Bass and 14 Strings

Ein neues Werk von Alfred Zimmerlin entsteht

Musikdorf Ernen | The Magic or the Festival History - Part 1

Musikdorf Ernen | Music and Nature or the Program - Part 2

Musikdorf Ernen | Inspiration or: the Musicians - Part 3

Falling in Love or Musikdorf Ernen and it's Director - Part 4

Festival Musikdorf Ernen introduces itself (2012)